Hello, my name is Bradley Huff. I have been practicing massage therapy for more than 10 years.  For me massage is more than just an hour of relaxation, it is time you have taken out for your health and well-being. 

I specialize in therapeutic massage where I not only focus on the relaxation but the rejuvenation of your body~

In my search for enhanced health I started learning from the esteemed Susie Byrd and have spent numerous hours training under other excellent teachers! Such as

John Barns, PT, LMT, NCTMB, in Myofascial Release (MFR).  I have spent many hours using this technique with people and have had wonderful results.

Micheal Clark (MMT) has instructed me in the art of MPS. Which I’ve been using for many years to help down regulate peoples Central Nervous System, so they feel less pain. 

To name some more- Robbie Dykes     (Active Isolated Stretching)

                                        Stephanie Cook (Foot Reflexology)

I plan to continue to do all I can for your health and wellness, and I am convinced your relaxation will help you overcome the challenges facing you. I would love to visit with anyone who would like to learn more. 

I am in a studio space located in beautiful Fayetteville, AR.  I also travel to people’s homes in the Northwest Arkansas area.

I want everyone to feel safe and secure when they are in my care.  Massage is not enjoyable unless you feel comfortable.  So, if you feel like sharing your whole life story or just the basics, I want you to feel at ease. 

I look forward to visiting with you soon.  Please feel free to contact me.  

-- Bradley Huff, MMT